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A08 Bicycle Cycling Tire Valve Cap Light Auto Light / Shake Sensation Bulb with 15 Patterns in Change – Blue

Specification Color: BLUE, PINK, WHITE Category: Home & Garden > Outdoor Furniture > Cycling   Main Features: Decorative light use on bicycle, motorcycle Easy to install, just simply screw on to your tire valve Suitable for both American / French valve Automatic light on, light and shaking sensation Tire LED will look awesome on your… Read More »

Women’s Specific Bikes ExplainedTwitter

Women’s Specific Bikes Explained Women’s specific bikes have recently become more and more popular with the majority of bike manufacturer’s now offering bikes specifically made for women. In the past, bikes were just bikes, and to accommodate women’s shorter torso length and generally smaller body size, parts were changed and adjusted to try and get… Read More »

How to Make the Wrong Size Bike Fit

How to Make the Wrong Size Bike Fit In the ideal world you always get the exact size bike for your size and fit it properly. Unfortunately that doesn’t always happen as maybe a friend had a bike that they were getting rid of or the bike you have a deal on isn’t quite the right… Read More »

Cool Bike Helmets for Your Type of Riding

Cool Bike Helmets for Your Type of Riding Nowadays it is hard to justify not wearing a helmet because you think it makes you look dorky.  There are a lot of different cool colors, styles, and accessories in the helmet line to assist in making you look super cool while on your bike.  Helmets should… Read More »

The Best Bike Trainers

The Best Bike Trainers With the winter months upon us, investing in a stationary bike trainer can provide you with the opportunity to improve your fitness and technique while avoiding the cold darker days.  The best bike trainers are a great investment since they allow you to have a very specific and dedicated ride since… Read More »

Best Bike Trails in the World

Mountain bike trails offer qualities that paved trails often cannot: seclusion, contact with nature and a variety of terrain that requires different skills and equipment. Each of the best bike trails below will meet all three qualities to some degree. See how many you have already ridden and perhaps you will find a new one… Read More »

What Size Bike Should I Ride?

What Size Bike Should I Ride? Determining what size bike you need is one of the first steps of purchasing a new bike and will play a tremendous role in how much you enjoy and ride the new bike. The type of riding you plan to do will first determine the type of bike and… Read More »

How many do you know Max bike ?

Max bike Wide relief channel seat for maximum pressure relief Description The Max saddle continues the line of rider friendly saddles developed with the thought of comfort and speed. This road/triathlon saddle was developed by John Cobb for maximum rider comfort for both Triathlon riding and road riding. The lowered nose section combined with the… Read More »

Men’s Inner leg chafing

Men’s Inner leg chafing August 21, 2015adminComfort, Cycling, Male Inner leg chafing can occur on the insides of the thighs where the thigh rubs against a wide saddle. Chafing can also happen in the creases of the legs where the legs meet the crotch or the glute. Inner leg chafing can be highly uncomfortable, and… Read More »

Women’s Bike Positioning

Women’s Bike Positioning November 12, 2015adminArticles, Comfort, Cycling, Female When you begin cycling, whether while purchasing a new bike from a bike shop or after getting used bike from a friend, most people will recommend getting a bike fit for the new ride. You’ve heard the term “bike fitting” before, but what exactly does that… Read More »